Master Sanjoin (ex_phelyan) wrote in small_wang_gang,
Master Sanjoin

New Journal

[crossposted to phelyan, phallicpregunta, small_wang_gang]

Can I please direct everyone's attention at a new journal I have created. little_tadger is dedicated to my small penis and my life with it. It is a journal about self-acceptance and coming to terms with my own body and life with a small member in general. It is designed and dedicated to those who suffer from the same problem as me and those for who small size is not a problem, but a real feature. And, don't worry, I will be posting as Chris, not Chris' penis, because that would be stupid...

If you are interested and would like to read (I'm expecting maybe one or two posts a week), please go to little_tadger and leave a comment on the first post to be added to the friends list. There is only one introductory post in there so far, but I am expecting to be adding stuff every now and then to talk about my latest adventures or experiences, as well as taking a trip down memory lane to the days when I felt a lot worse about myself and my body. I haven't added anyone by default, to make sure nobody feels bullied into this.
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