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Stalking the tiny stalk

Some girl has been IMing me like crazy because she found out that I have a small dick. This would be flattering if I knew anything at all about her but I don't know her or even know if she's a girl. She seems alright except for the small dick fetish (which you'd think I'd be happy about since it works in my favor) and she lives not far from me. However since this might be some hairy guy I'm way freaked out about meeting her. I could bring a friend I guess. What kills me is how does she even know I have a small dick? This is the only place I've mentioned it and it's not like everyone in town uses live journal and would even recognize me. I can only think that someone I know who's seen me naked told her and this could be a big joke. Anyway whatever it is I just don't feel right about someone liking me for my lack of weener. ?!?!?!?
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