little_thumper (little_thumper) wrote in small_wang_gang,

"Handsom friends"

Its really hard living with jerk guys who always get woman. Especially when they are "well endowed" and "Handsome"

I always end up being the guy friend to girls that talk about guys they like.

I dont choose this but it just happens and it sucks even more when I like the girl.

What I also hate is when women start talking about penis size to each other when I am in a group of friends.

My roomies always jump in those conversations and say stuff like "oh yeah. I got a big one haha I even named it Blue Thunder!"

The girls will laugh but seem interested and then somone always turns to me and says "what about you? do you name yours?"

And I just laugh it off and say no. what am I supposed to say?! "Yeah its call Mighty Mouse!"

I am just glad that I have this community. I hope people out there will bring it back up and running!

I would also like to see some pics posted. I want to know I am not the only one!

I will probably add some more pics soon too.
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